About Summer Alive

Because of the continued risks posed by COVID-19, the Summer Alive day camp has been cancelled for 2020. We decided to leave the information below in place, as it is our hope that the beloved children’s camp program held in the Montgomery Park will resume as described in June of 2021.


The Summer Alive day camp for children is a program of Project CoffeeHouse, a 501(c)(3) non-profit child advocacy agency founded in 2000. Project CoffeeHouse programs strive to spark a sense of wonder and enhance the possibility that children will grow to live lives of meaning and purpose.


From its home in the beautiful Montgomery, PA borough park beside the Susquehanna River, Summer Alive offers all children under 18 (regardless of home address or family income) a free and wholesome breakfast and lunch each Monday through Thursday for 8 weeks in the summer. The meals and the staff needed to operate the food program are fully funded through the USDA's Summer Food Program.


In the 2+ hours between breakfast and lunch, a wide variety of creative activities provide opportunities for children age 6 to 18 with child-centered play and learning in an environment that promotes diversity, kindness, open communication, and compassion as well as a felt connection to natural world, each other, and the community at large.


Through the Summer Alive gardens and the extensive variety of programs available to children, lifeskills and opportunities are available in many areas, including but not limited to: gardening, reading, science, music, athletics, art, photography, sewing, food preparation and service, woodworking, free-parts construction, and theater.


In the summer of 2020, a total of 255 unduplicated youth attended the program and 3,392 meals were served. Summer Alive programs and staff are funded by donations, grants, and payments received from families of children. There is no set fee demanded. Exclusive of meals, the cost of the Summer Alive program is $480 per child – an average of just $15 per day. Parents are asked to pay what they can afford for the activities, from the full $480 to $5.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” 

John F. Kennedy