Summer Alive Programs

Food Program

The Summer Alive day camp is an official site for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)Summer Meals Program, which was established to ensure that children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session. 

Communities that qualify to receive USDA funds must first meet the average income levels established by the USDA. Once a community qualifies, the USDA contracts with a non-profit organization to administer the program and allows all children 18 and under, as well as handicapped adults of any age, to receive free meals. Thus, family income statistics for Montgomery allow Summer Alive to qualify, but do not require us to screen children by income or home address. All are welcome.

Creative Projects

Far from your typical summer camp arts and crafts class, the Summer Alive Creative Projects program, under the leadership of our artist-in-residence Ellie Freud, allows creativity to reach new heights. We recycle trash to treasures, encouraging children to create art from upcycled materials and nature, using a wide-range of media and modalities that allows  each child discover their inner creator, designer, architect, carpenter or artist.

Summer Alive Garden

The heart and soul of Summer Alive are the raised-bed gardens! From this soil,

a variety of organically grown fruits and vegetables are tended, harvested, prepped, prepared, served, and enjoyed

by the children with the help of our garden manager, Flora Eyster and our cooks, Megan Bellot and Eustace Lynch. 

Connecting children to the source of their food and to the natural world is at the very top of the list of Summer Alive priorities.

By building a connection to and a love of nature and a felt sense of the community among all living things, we bring to life the Summer Alive tag line: YES! Youth. Earth. Stewardship. 

Lycoming County Pop-Up Play

By providing a safe and natural play space, play materials, and an opportunity for healthy risk-taking, Pop-Up-Play encourages open-ended, child-directed free play with “loose parts” including cardboard boxes, string, PVC pipes, duct tape, art supplies, and other hands-on materials. Pop-Up-Play, under the supervision of founder and director Elizabeth Marcello, fosters healthy development, creativity, and collaboration and sparks an overall sense of wonder.  Pop-Up-Play visits Summer Alive each Thursday and goes on the road to locations and events throughout Lycoming County. See the HOME page calendar for details on upcoming Pop-Up Play events. 

Music Program

By allowing children to explore a variety of music opportunities, the Summer Alive 

music program strives to give children the lifelong gift of a love of music. 

From singing to dancing, from Karaoke to learning an instrument, children are introduced to harmonica, guitar, percussion, keyboard, ukulele, and more. Shawn Strickland, our multi-talented music coordinator (and Billtown Blues best duo winner!) helps each child to discover his/her own unique musical gifts and talents.



Summer fun the way it should be! No screens, no electronic devices, no winners and losers, the Summer Alive outdoor rec program provides children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to engage in good old-fashioned, wide-open-spaces, child-centered outdoor play. 

From Capture the Flag games to obstacle courses, from the big sandbox to the mud kitchen, from balancing on wooden spools to hanging out at the playground, the Montgomery park allows Summer Alive campers to seek and find what outdoor delights resonate most with their personality and abilities. It all takes place under the wise and watchful eye of our 2019 Outdoor Recreation director, Candy Koons.